Friday, December 21, 2012

Today I'm wearing three coats of a polish I made myself !


  1. Hi, I just left a comment on your Tumblr :) Saw your link from Purseblog case you didn't see that one, I was wondering if you're selling this polish or would be willing to custom make it? It's SO gorgeous omg.. thanks in advance!

    1. Hello!

      Actually, funny you should ask.... I am in prep for opening up an Etsy shop by the end of January and this polish is definitely in the line-up! Right now I'm letting it sit while I work on the other polishes (just to make sure nothing bleeds, or sinks, and the formula stays smooth and easy to apply. I don't like straight suspension base for Indy polishes, myself, so am being nickpicky for my concoctions, LOL). Anyways, I can drop you a line when it's ready to go!

      Thank you so much, it's really gratifying to know that at least somebody will want at least one polish I've created.

    2. oh, and here's another look at it in the raw on a nail wheel with no top coats...

    3. Ooooooooo I WANT IT! hehehehe

      But no, looks so awesome and the color combo is everything I've ever wanted. I'm excited to hear that you are opening a store, I will sit on my hand and patiently wait :) If you ever need a test-drive/guinea pig, you know where to find me okay? loljk ....ok not really kidding :p

      Btw my blog is: so please drop by and let me know when you finally open your store...I CAN'T WAIT :)))